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  Project Finance Services

"We at Mudra Finance have been assisting our clients in procuring Project Finance with reasonable terms and conditions, since we possess sound knowledge and deep relations with different banks. Please contact us only if you need the financial facility of more than 2 CR for your projects. Feel free to contact us at 9210475000."

Who can/should apply for project finance?
Emerging as well as established firms require funds for their new projects. Hence, corporate and individuals consider Project Financing discipline to suffice the requirements. This includes understanding the foundation of project financing, preparation of financial plan, assessment of the risks attached to the project, strategize the financing mix, and raise the funds.

Project finance is a facility acquired or arranged for a particular project for different industries such as a manufacturing, Automobile, Railways, Power Sector, construction, real estate, etc., which is paid back from the cash-flow of that project.

Project finance is a term which used in industrial, long-term infrastructure projects and public services based upon the projected cash flows of the project rather than the balance sheets of its sponsors.
Project finance is a method of raising long-term debt financing for major projects through Financial Engineering, based on lending against the cash flow generated by the project alone.
Banks are regularly occupied in projects in different industries such as Oil and Gas , Petrochemicals, Power and Energy, Infrastructure and Water, Telecommunications, Space and Satellite, Waste disposal and recycling, Mining and Metals, Natural resources, Pulp and paper & Transportation.
Types of Assistance:
• Financial restructuring • Provide financial guarantee • Participate in deferred payment guarantee • Proposal for the financial institution • Preparation of required documents for finance

Project Cost:
• Mudra Finance provides loan for smaller projects in innovative fields and in rural sectors. • Mudra Finance also arranges finances for projects with loan component of Rs.2Crore and above.

30-40% of the total cost of any project is paid by promoters only. However, in consortium financing it will be decided by the financial institutions.

Documentation required:
1. Company Profile
2. Detailed Project Report
3. Promoters Profile
4. Financials of the firm for last 3 years
5. Details of existing Loan Facility

Project Financing Products
Mudra Finance offers an array of products to the target customer segments to meet their specific financial needs for project financing.

• Short-term Loans (upto 2 years) for different short term requirements including bridge loan, Corporate Loan etc.
• Medium-term Loans (more than 2 - 8 years) for business expansion, technology up-gradation, R&D expenditure, implementing early retirement scheme, Corporate Loan, supplementing working capital and repaying high cost debt .
• Long-term Loans (more than 8 - 15 years) - Project Finance for new industrial/ infrastructure projects Takeout Finance, acquisition financing (as per extant RBI guidelines / Board approved policy), Corporate Loan, Securitisation of debt.
• Structured Products: acquisition finance, pre-IPO investment, IPO finance, promoter funding, etc.
• Lease Amount Financing
• Takeover of loan and OD/CC accounts from Banks / Financial Institutions / NBFCs
• Financing promoter contribution (private equity participation)/subscription to convertible warrants


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